Soccer Players Now Using Meditation to Create Abundance

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Meditation has helped numerous people from all walks of life. This ancient practice began centuries ago in Eastern cultures such as Hindu and Buddhism. Though it is a simple concept, it is used by millions all over the world to quiet the mind including soccer players.

Today there are at least 16 types of meditation so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Each of us is different and we have various problems we wish to solve with meditation. Some people are looking to get rid of troubling thoughts while others wish to get a better night’s sleep.

For soccer players, the goal is often to clear the mind of troubling thoughts that are in the way of making those big plays. As we all know, if you’re distracted by something, then you won’t be able to do your best. Below we go over 5 types of meditation.

Zen meditation-Practiced by ancient Buddhists. Sit upright and breathe deeply in and out. Focus on your breathing and push all thoughts from your mind.

Mantra meditation-As the name implies, choose a mantra, something that’s meaningful to you, then say it over and over as you breathe deeply.

Transcendental meditation-Usually requires an instructor who will help you devise the right program. Many famous movie stars have used this.

Chakra meditation. This one also requires some training. You’ll need to know where all the body’s core chakras or centers of energy are. Your instructor can help you open any that are blocked.

Qigong meditation. An ancient Chinese practice where you work at opening the body’s energy pathways, knowns as “meridians.”

Dr. Zhang Xinyue vis well respected Chinese spiritual leader and psychologist.  With a simple style, her book, Create Abundance, published in 2012, works her way into the depths of people’s hearts and has ever since remained a best seller for body-mind-spirit cultivation. Living abroad, Teacher Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance is currently conducting a field of social research as she travels around the world.

The book was originally released in Chinese but now it is also available in English and other languages now. In her book, Teacher Xinyue encourages every individual to grow through self-help.

Ready to clear all the money blocks in your life?

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

The Create Abundance movement is a philosophy where you work to clear all the negative thoughts from your mind. You begin by clearing negative things from your speech. Listen to things you say each day. Are you speaking doubt and unbelief? Are you talking about how much lack there is?

Those in the world of sports are especially in tune with this philosophy. They understand that winners have to be positive players who talk about how good the team is and how many wins they have. Teammates with a negative point of view are given helpful exercises that make them more aware of the doubt and unbelief in their thoughts and words.

A winning team always has players on it that talk about winning. They talk about how good they are. They never speak words of defeat. In your own life, you can create money blocks by doing this. Money or winning doesn’t come to those who consistently talk about losing and being broke.

Though this is a simple teaching that may seem intuitive, millions of people ignore these basic laws and they live without the nice things they could have. Even relationships work this way. If you don’t believe you deserve a decent mate, then you won’t have one. Believing in yourself is so important. Believe that universe is open to you. Everything you want is available and waiting for you to claim it.

In clearing the money blocks, you can also clear blockages that have kept you from being a winner at sports, at love, at business and in every area.

With many years as a well known spiritualist leader and teacher in her field, Zhang Xinyue is known for a variety of achievements. Her creation of the Abundance system aims to promote a meaningful and straight forward approach to life’s philosophical issues. In 2012, she finished one of her best-selling books, Create Abundancev. The book is a collection of quotes containing words of wisdom on how to develop body-mind-spirit cultivation.

 Zhang Xinyue’s Create Abundance was initially released in Chinese, but it is also available in English and other languages now. A second version of the book has also recently been released.