Soccer Players Now Using Meditation to Create Abundance

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Meditation has helped numerous people from all walks of life. This ancient practice began centuries ago in Eastern cultures such as Hindu and Buddhism. Though it is a simple concept, it is used by millions all over the world to quiet the mind including soccer players.

Today there are at least 16 types of meditation so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Each of us is different and we have various problems we wish to solve with meditation. Some people are looking to get rid of troubling thoughts while others wish to get a better night’s sleep.

For soccer players, the goal is often to clear the mind of troubling thoughts that are in the way of making those big plays. As we all know, if you’re distracted by something, then you won’t be able to do your best. Below we go over 5 types of meditation.

Zen meditation-Practiced by ancient Buddhists. Sit upright and breathe deeply in and out. Focus on your breathing and push all thoughts from your mind.

Mantra meditation-As the name implies, choose a mantra, something that’s meaningful to you, then say it over and over as you breathe deeply.

Transcendental meditation-Usually requires an instructor who will help you devise the right program. Many famous movie stars have used this.

Chakra meditation. This one also requires some training. You’ll need to know where all the body’s core chakras or centers of energy are. Your instructor can help you open any that are blocked.

Qigong meditation. An ancient Chinese practice where you work at opening the body’s energy pathways, knowns as “meridians.”

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