Why Kids Shouldn’t Be the Only Ones Playing Sports

Sports are very popular among children and teenagers.  Sports involvement while in school has been proven to have many benefits for students, both socially and academically.  Those who slip into those reversible basketball jerseys, have been shown to work harder in school.  These young athletes also learn valuable lessons such as the importance of teamwork.  Many youngsters also have the opportunity to make friends and bond with their classmates.  On top of all of these benefits, there is of course the benefit of physical exercise.

Obviously, playing sports is very beneficial to children, however, what about adults?  Are adults any less in need of these benefits?  Of course not!  We never grow out of our need for social connection, physical movement, and fun.  Exercise has been proven to increase overall health, not to mention that it lowers the risk of heart disease and strengthens the body.  Playing sports allows one to get their exercise in while simultaneously making friends and having fun.

There’s another important reason why sports may offer an even bigger advantage to adults and that is stress relief!  Study after study proves that stress is a killer of both health and happiness.  Participation in sports is a great way to combat stress.  One of the reasons for this is that being active and engaged in an activity can help you forget about a hard day at work or trouble with the spouse.  Movement activities in particular, help to create endorphins in the body and in turn, endorphins make you happy!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go put on those reversible basketball jerseys or soccer jerseys and find an adult league to play in!